Why we demolished assembly complex – Rivers gov’t

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PORT HARCOURT – The Rivers State Government has explained that its decision to demolish and rebuild the Rivers State House of Assembly Complex was based on advice from experts.

The government noted that the experts noted that the integrity of the structure has been lost due to the structural defects that arose mainly as a result of the recent explosion and fire incident at the hallowed chambers of the assembly and that the building has been rendered unfit for human use.

A statement issued by the Rivers State Commissioner for Information, Mr. Joseph Johnson, said that after the visit of the Governor to inspect the level of damage done to the building on the day of the fire incident, it became necessary to invite professionals to advise the government on the integrity of the building.

It would be recalled that on the night of the attack on the complex, explosive dynamite was used to attack the complex, which shook its foundation.

There were visible cracks on the walls afterwards, and the entire structure looked frail and unsafe for legislative business.

He said, noting that the government had tried all cost-saving measures towards the repair of the complex until it bowed to the superior view of rebuilding the complex into a more befitting edifice.

Johnson said, “After the assessment of the integrity of the complex, the experts warned the government that continuing to use the building in its present state would be disastrous.

“In the interim, the Rivers State Government has provided an alternative venue for the House of Assembly to conduct their affairs pending the rebuilding of the complex.”

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