Nigeria has contributed Immensely to unity, political stability in commonwealth – Kalu

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Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Benjamin Okezie Kalu, Tuesday, said that Nigeria has contributed in no small measures towards political stability in Commonwealth.

He also said that from peacekeeping missions to diplomatic initiatives to help resolve conflicts, the country has been at the forefront of efforts to maintaining peace and security within the Commonwealth and the wider international community.

The Commonwealth is an international association of 56 member states, the vast majority of which are former territories of the British Empire.

A statement from his Chief Press Secretary, Mr. Levinus Nwabughiogu stated that Kalu made the submissions at the 75th anniversary of the Commonwealth held at the British House of Commons in London, United Kingdom where he represented the Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Tajudeen Abass.

He said: “The 75th anniversary of the Commonwealth, under the theme “One Resilient Common Future,” is a poignant reminder of the enduring spirit of unity and cooperation that binds our diverse nations together.

“As we celebrate the Commonwealth, we are also offered a moment to reflect on our collective journey and the pivotal role that Nigeria, as a proud member of this distinguished family, has played in promoting unity, contributing to the growth of the Commonwealth, and fostering global harmony.

“From peacekeeping missions to diplomatic initiatives to resolve conflicts, we have been at the forefront of efforts to maintain peace and security within the Commonwealth and the wider international community. Our role in supporting democratic processes and institutions across the Commonwealth has helped to strengthen governance and promote political stability.

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“Our commitment to the Commonwealth ideals of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law remains unwavering, and we shall continue to strive to embody these principles in our actions,

both within and beyond our borders.”

Kalu who regretted the crisis in some parts of the world however called for a united action against global challenges such as war and conflict, climate change, inequality amongst others.

“In a world ravaged by war and conflict, from the streets of Gaza to the fields of Ukraine, extending to the heart of Africa, our shared humanity is being threatened.

“Though geographically dispersed, these crises remind us of our intrinsic interconnectedness and the undeniable fact that our destinies are intertwined.

“As we look to the future, Nigeria remains committed to leveraging our natural and human resources to contribute to the growth and resilience of the Commonwealth. Only by working together can we address the global challenges of our time, including war and conflict, climate change, inequality, and the need for sustainable development. Nigeria’s vision is of a Commonwealth that is a model of cooperation in a fragmented world”, Kalu said.

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